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Our one-page documents (technically one page both front and back to fit everything on!) are meticulously crafted to provide focused information related to the HR Leadership Principles. Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional seeking to improve your daily activities or an emerging leader looking for guidance, these resources are tailored to meet your needs.

Each of our documents serves as your shortcut to success in HR Leadership. They distill key concepts, best practices, and strategies into a single, easy-to-follow page. Whichever HR Leadership Principle you’re focused on, you’ll find valuable guidance here.

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Review the key components of Principle 1: Take Ownership of Your HR Vision with this simple 1-page (double-sided) checklist.

Get a quick overview of Principle 2: Clarify Your HR Objectives with this 1-page (double-sided) checklist.

Identify the keys to Principle 3: Build a Winning HR Team with this 1-page (double-sided) checklist.